The Name says it All.

The Best Way to find Deals and Steals
that are Close To You Right NOW.

The Last Thing you need is another Worthless App.
This time things are different.
In fact, it will soon become your Most Used App.

Even C/NET has a Strong Opinion on it.

Find Local Deals

They Pop-up on your Phone when you get Close!

Find the Best Local Businesses with Local Deals that are near you Right Now.

Or see a list of our Featured Merchants below.

The Businesses in the app and those featured below understand they are competing for your business so they treat you like a V.I.P.

When you are in a Business, take advantage of their Exclusive Deals and Steals.

Join their Loyalty Club with a system that runs on A.I. Technolgy Right on your Phone. It keeps everything up to date with each merchant, and recognizes you when you come back.

appSAVE is All about Saving Money and Finding the Best Local Deals.
When you need a Quick Reference for a business, or if you are driving around, this is the Only App you will need.

Just TWO of the Exclusive Features

There are Many...

Find what you need when you are in the Mall or Store.

As the merchants get this system set-up, your shopping experience will just get better and better.

Find it, Get it and Get Out.

Get Timely Alerts

Get them when they actually Mean Something

Get alerts concerning what's around you NOW, not those constant messages about stuff across the state that you won't be near any time soon.

OK, what are some of it's Features?

Will it really improve my phone?
How does it help Business Owners?

This video was supplied by one of our Premier Suppliers.

Some call it The Find Cash App...

How nice would it be to find local deals that you are intestered in, not that Constant Bombardment?

When you are Near a Deal, your phone can give you an alert.
You choose the types of deals you want to see and when you want to see them.
Click On or Off with your "Do Not Disturb" button at any time.

Beginning in Utah,
then growing throughout
North America.


Dr. Rick Mayer



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the Google Play Store and
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