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Touchless is the new buzzword for Consumers and Businesses.
Time to join the 21st Century.

Business Owners.

We're about SAVING

  • Businesses, why pay for your TV streaming when you can not only get it for FREE but Earn Money?
  • Restaurants, Double your Business without increasing your overhead.
  • Save a Small fortune on Food Delivery while turning your delivery expense into an Additional Profit Center.
  • Any business with employees, we help you Claim your ERC.
  • Consumers SAVE.
  • Businesses SAVE.
  • Organizations SAVE.
  • Businesses have access to Multiple Business Building Tools.
  • NOTE: If your business has been hurt by COVID, we can help For Free because of some Excellent Supporters and Grants.

Support Local Businesses and Save Money.

We have an array of Exclusive Tools you won't find anywhere else.
We have some FREE systems to help you get more customers.
We even have a way you can help us spread the word about the new Restaurant Delivery service that's sweeping the country, and earn a residual income for FREE.

You're in good company

Not only do we have state of the art systems, they are Extremely Affordable. 


Not only do we have state of the art systems, they are Extremely Affordable. In fact, our systems are the single most effective and most effective on the market and they work instantly on Any Device.

You get access Rick Mayer, Ph.D. in Marketing/Sales to answer your questions and for consultation. Initial consultations are free by phone and thereafter, email consultations are free.

Not only do we show you a better system, it's twice as effective and 1/4 the price, not to mention it WORKS. We also show you the downside of the GeoFencing systems.

None of our services require a contract. Many are free an those that aren't are month to month, you can quit any time, add or remove products as your needs change, make seasonal adjustments, it's up to you. We feel you should stay with us only as long as it's good for you.

Standard QR Codes have been around for quite awhile. They work fine with you have simple links but as the links get more complicated they slow down or stop working because they usually require an internet connection.
Our system does not need an internet connection, and in addition, it works nearly INSTANTLY, on any device, anywhere there is a Cell Signal. 
Qnow™ is the Evolution of the QR code because it work every time and it works NOW.

There is none, unless you count being able to customize you system to your needs a catch.
Gone are the days of spending a lot of money for the Dish Networks of the world. YouTube revolutionized how personal videos are shown, we are revolutionizing how business TV is streamed, and we go one further. We GIVE you a player for each TV in your business, for FREE.