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You already knew that the Smart Phone was changing the game. The Coronavirus just Dramatically Shortened the time frame.  

Folks will become used to getting the information on What they want, When they want, delivered to them Automatically based upon Their Preferences and Terms, and most importantly, based upon Their Location

Ask yourself these questions:

* Can folks find information about you on Auto-pilot just by approaching?

* If you make them type in a website link to find you, how many will?
How do you get that correct link to them?

* Does any page take longer than TWO SECONDS to load on Mobile?

* Does your updated information automatically appear on their mobile device so they know your new hours, specials, ways to order, etc. on auto-pilot?

* Is it easy for them to navigate to what they need, on Any Device?

* When they find what they want, can they order and pay with a click?

* Do you have a Touchless Loyalty system?

The way folks interact with a business is changing. The new Buzz Words are:
*Touchless *Instant Speed *GeoTargeting *Automation *AutoPilot *UserControl *OneClick *ClickToPay. 



Touchless Marketing is here to stay, you can either embrace it or run the risk of becoming irrelevant.

Bottom Line
Make it Fast, Easy and Convenient for folks to fnd and do business with you, on Their Terms, and while addressing All Their Concerns.

We challenge you to find a better system Anywhere.
AND, you can stay FREE as long as you want.

It's the New Norm

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