We make the Real World CLICKABLE

When you navigate the online world and need more information, everything is Clickable.

But What about the Real World? You can't click on a statue for more information.

What if that changed?
What if the World became Clickable?

What are some Examples?

Watch for the Qnow™ Emblem

You are starting to see a lot of QR codes lately but as you have discovered, many of them don't work too well and are quite slow.

But when you see a Qnow™ code you'll see that is just Works.
Our exclusive Google Technology means it will work whether you have a good internet connection or not.

In a mall with cellular service but poor internet? No Problem.
At a national monument with the same issues? No Problem.
Just point, Click, and in less than 2 seconds you have the information you need.

Our system solves the problems of traditional QR codes.

So HOW do we do it?

What sort of magic makes Qnow™ Better?

Consumers, watch for the Qnow™ codes soon to be appearing in your world.
Now, go back to the main page and find the business you want, where you want with just a couple of clicks.

Business Owners, are you connecting with your prospects and customers in a way they want and accept?
Or are you like everyone else, just blasting out information to them all the time, information they usually end up blocking?

The link just below is an example, why not test it?
If you are on your Mobile Device right now Turn off your WiFi and click on it.
You will see our Google AMP Technology in action.