APPLE just made an announcement that has ALL the GeoTargeting and GeoFencing companies scrambling.

(We saw this coming a year ago which is why we dropped GeoFencing Systems.)

Apple was first to listen to the consumer that complained about those pesky pop-up ads. Beginning with their software update in iOS 14.5 is the roll out of App Tracking Transparency (ATT), which requires developers to disclose their privacy practices within the App Store while simultaneously allowing users to opt in or out of data sharing (via their IDFA) on a per-app basis.

The second change requires a single button only option when requesting access to location data prior to the iOS prompt. This request - otherwise known as an onboarding screen or splash screen - gives users the ability to click and block location based ads which have been a Major source of complaints from users for years.

Android will no doubt follow suit very shortly. Folks have had enough of those constant pop-ups and finally the major players are listening to the consumer.

  • Apple is putting the breaks on the Spam Pop-up ads. 
  • Google had already done this by shutting down Google Nearby.
  • Android will certainly follow suit and more than likely followed by Windows.
  • Companies are finally listening to the consumer and it's the beginning of the end to Forced Pop-up Location ads.

These changes have far reaching effects. The app developers and GeoFencing companies have used some stealthy means of getting their pop-ups on your phone but that is about to change.

Right now they are all Scrambling because Apple and Android have listened to the consumer.

User Control is back in the hands of the Consumer.

These companies made some outlandish claims.

1. Our system Does not require an opt in. Messages are automatic without the user doing anything. You have already experienced pop-up ads. See "No Opt-in Required" below.

2. Our system finds their phone when it's in range and sends the message. In order for this to happen the user had previously visited a website and accepted the cookies. Folks are beginning to realize this opens the flood gates.
3. Messages are displayed as banner ads on over 600,000 websites and apps.
See just below.

Nobody likes to be blasted with ads they never signed up for. Do you? Just look at the explosive growth of pop-up blockers on all platforms. It's a huge business because folks HATE those Pop-up ads.

Nobody wants to be Blasted with a constant barrage of ads, but they will accept those they want and finally, the cell companies are doing something about it.

How do you think those ads hit your phone? Whenever you visit a website that little Cookie warning pops up. When you agree to continue you are agreeing to be Spammed. In fact, the Federal Government now mandates that any company using Cookies to capture information MUST disclose this.
Folks are ON to this game and the % who refuse the cookies is growing. 


Stress Level

Many companies will even try to add these pop-up's to sites without permission and there are some serious growing legal issues in that regard. In the direction this is heading, YOU could be liable if you hired on of these firms because it was YOUR ad that popped up.
These systems are nothing more than a Phishing deal to 'mine' information and if you don't know what that is you might want to do some research.

Most of these companies then turn around and SELL your captured information to other Spammers.

Can someone say Data Breach?

We W
ILL NOT link to any outside sites because that simply invites even more SPAM and a much higher risk for a data breach. 
These Shotgun Approach, Ad Blast systems are living on borrowed time. As the number of complaints worldwide begins to climb, it won't be long before the government shuts them down.
A few years back Samsung, the worlds largest cell manufacturer, made the statement that they were going to build the ability to automatically receive messages directly into the phone without the opt-in mechanism.

The FTC Said No you Won't. If you put that into your phone you won't sell any in the USA.
These companies don't have a user control or user opt-in mechanism. Anyone who uses their system or downloads their app gets Constantly Bombarded with messages from numerous sources. This is the primary reason Google stopped their Nearby service...Spam Complaints. 

The Blast Out, Shotgun approach ALWAYS results one of two outcomes: 
Uninstalling the App or Filing a Complaint, and many times Both.